The following links are to areas having specific information indicated for County Tipperary.  This list will be updated from time-to-time as additional sources are located.  If you find one that should be added, please forward to:  Terry Ryan at: trakker@nettally.com - ENJOY!  Much credit goes to Janet Crawford and James Gardner for the availability of this information and Jean Skar in Norway for adding Janet and James' information to her web pages and allowing us to link with it!  Thank You All!!

images/GEM3.gif (108 bytes) Records from Tipperary:

-Clonmel - births and deaths more to come (marriages)

-The Book of county Tipperary",  published in 1889.. (directory with names of people living    in and around the town of Tipperary) and Civil Survey 1654 more to come
-Information places in Tipperary from 1837


images/GEM3.gif (108 bytes) Parishes and Record Dates

-Information available on what dates are available for baptisms, marriages, Civil Survey of 1654, and  Church of England and Roman Catholic records

images/GEM3.gif (108 bytes) Place Names A-M

-Wonderful descriptions of towns in Co. Tipperary - This list is for A thru M

images/GEM3.gif (108 bytes) Place Names N-Z -This list is for N thru Z
images/GEM3.gif (108 bytes) Business Branches, Professions, & Peoples Names -Business Branches, Public Bodies, Professions, Etc. and Residents and farmers names for the Tipperary Town area (Source: "The Book of County Tipperary",  published in 1889)
images/GEM3.gif (108 bytes) Residents and Farmers Names -Residents and farmers names (Source:  "The Book of County Tipperary",  published in 1889. 
images/GEM3.gif (108 bytes) Irish Place Names Defined -Common elements in Irish place names 
images/GEM3.gif (108 bytes)Churches and Cemeteries -Listing of churches in Co. Tipperary by townland and any associated graveyards