Subj:	 Quarterly Meeting
Date:	4/27/99 8:39:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Hello Ryan Clan Association Members!

Well, it's about that time again to announce another quarterly 
meeting and deliver a VERY IMPORTANT agenda as you'll see 
below.  Thursday, May 13th at 9pm EST sounds like as good as 
time as any and we'll meet as usual in the Ryan Meeting "chat" 
Room located directly on our web page (  I 
need as many of you as possible will make an effort to be there 
due to some very important let's have the biggest turn 
out yet!

J. Terry Ryan, President
Ryan Clan Association, U.S. Sept
Web Page:

1.	Approval of last meeting's minutes (please refer to our 
February, 1999 on-line newsletter at:

2.  Treasurer's Report & Membership Status

3.  Year 2000 Ryan Clan Gathering!!!
	We've been invited to attend and help organize a Ryan Clan 
Gathering in 2000 in cooperation with Ryan Clan Ireland and the 
Clans Association of Co. Tipperary.   Need to get an opinion NOW 
as to best time to go and who's interested!  Late Summer or early 
Ireland is looking to us for ideas NOW!  If you can't attend the 
meeting, please give me you opinion and thoughts.  From 
information I'm receiving on other clans, it sounds like 2000 is 
going to be THE year of clan gatherings in Ireland so it should 
prove to be a grand time with loads of fun, a chance to see the old 
home country and meet lots of Ryans!  My wife and I are definitely 
planning on going so who else wants to go and WHEN?? 

4.  Introduction of Lee Ryan, Vice-Presidential volunteer - Voting on 
position at next quarterly meeting in compliance with By-Laws

     Lee hails from Colorada where he has lived practically all his life 
except when either the Army had him in Germany during the 
Korean War or the Air Force was using his skills as a ballistic 
missle analyst as he filled out a service career.  He's now retired 
back in Colo. active in the VFW and the American Legion and has 
been  corresponding with his Ryan relatives via a wonderful 
newsletter, the Kinsman.  I understand Lee wrote a poem at one 
time about the 27 Ryans who died in Vietnam and with a little 
encouragement from us maybe he'll allow it to be put in our 
newsletter some day! Lee has volunteered to help with membership 
development and will surely be looking for assistance from all of us 
in the months ahead (e-mail address:

5.  Update on Non-Profit Status

6.  Update on Ryan Clan database program

7.  Introduction of our County Coordinator Volunteers!
	Bill Lindsey	- Co. Kilkeenny
	Pat Connors	- Co. Limerick

	They have volunteered to be our coordinators for each county 
previously identified as being prominent with Ryans and now 
showing a lot of information at each web link.  Their purpose will be 
to review genealogy sources, places to see and go to (e.g. Ryan 
castles, etc.), businesses and services owned by Ryans, and be 
our "link" in any way possible to each county.   They will be our 
resource person for each county since they've probably already 
been there!  Additional County Coordinator Volunteers will be 
looked for and are eagerly requested for counties Tipperary, 
Waterford, Wexford, Clare, and Carlow!

8.  Miscellaneous