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Date: 6/13/99 12:31:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jim Seymour)

Edward George Ryan, chief justice, supreme court of Wisconsin.

Born 13 Nov 1810 in New Castle House, near Enfield, county Meath, he was the
son of Edward Ryan and Abby (Keogh) Ryan. His mother was the daughter of
John Keogh of Mt. Jerome, Ireland, the most prominent member of the Irish
emancipation committee of the late 1790's.

He studied pre-law at Clonggowes Wood College in Ireland and came to the USA
in 1830, settling in New York. In 1836, he became a citizen and moved to
Chicago. There, he worked as a newspaper editor, practiced law, and briefly
served as state's attorney.

In 1842, he moved to Wisconsin, settling in Racine. In 1846, he served as a
delegate on the state's first constitutional convention. He served as
leader of the Democratic party in Wisconsin during 1862-1863, and was
strongly critical of the Lincoln administration.

After the war, he withdrew temporarily from political activities. He served
as Milwaukee city attorney 1870-1873, and in June, 1874 was appointed chief
justice of the state supreme court by Democrat-Reform governor William R.

He married twice. His first wife, Mary, died in 1847, after only five years
of marriage. Three years later, he married Caroline Willard of Newburyport,
Mass. After a short, unhappy marriage, Mrs. Ryan fled from his temper and
lived with relatives in the East. They were never divorced, but never

Ryan had five children, including sons Hugh, Pierce, and Lester.


I have several documents copied from the Wisconsin State Historical Library
about this man. He is listed in my g-g-grandmother's obituary as her
cousin, but I have never found the link.

Much of the information above comes from Dictionary of Wisconsin Biography,
published by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin in 1960. Additional
facts come from something called "Writers' Program (WPA), Wisconsin.
Writings and Research notes, 1935-1942."

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line.

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