The second quarterly, on-line meeting of the Ryan Clan Association, U.S. Sept, was held on Thursday, May 13, 1999, at 9:00PM EST.

Attendees: Sharon Bartholomew
Jim Carigan
Shelby Ellis
Kris Kurtz
Pat Ryan
Terry Ryan
Byron Wallace

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning Balance
Six New Members @ $25 each

RootsWeb Sponsor Fee
Misc Expenses/T. Ryan
Ending Balance

The treasurer’s report was approved.

The addition of six new members brings our total membership to 35, with over 7000 hits on our web page!!

We’ve been invited to attend and help organize a Ryan Clan Gathering in Tipperary in Year 2000. We discussed the best time to go and have agreed on September. Terry Ryan will check on airfares and, if the airline shoulder season isn’t in effect until October, we may choose October because of the great savings on airline tickets during shoulder season.

2000 is going to be THE year of the clan gatherings in Ireland!

Lee Ryan was announced as our vice-president designee and will be voted on at our next meeting. Lee lives in Colorado and was a ballistic missiles analyst during his military career. He’s active in the VFW and the American Legion and corresponds with his Ryan relatives via a newsletter called The Kinsman. Lee will help with membership development.

Terry Ryan is still working to obtain nonprofit status for the organization. Bryan Wallace, a lawyer in our group, has volunteered to help with some of the legal details.

We now have 3000 names in our database, which includes 600 Ryans. Our database programmer is ill and won’t be able to continue the project, so we’re looking for someone else to help with this project.

The following people have volunteered to be County Coordinators:

Bill Lindsey County Kilkenny
Pat Connors County Limerick
Sharon Bartholomew County Tipperary
Jim Ryan County Waterford

We are still looking for volunteers for Wexford, Clare and Carlow. All of these counties were previously identified as being prominent with Ryans. The county coordinators will review genealogy sources, places to see (Ryan castles, for example), businesses and services owned by Ryans and will be our link in every way possible to each county. They will be our resource person since they’ve probably already been there.

Minutes Submitted by

Sharon Healey Bartholomew

May 19, 1999