The Ryan Clan Association

U. S. Sept


I.      NAME
        The undersigned hereby forms a non-profit, tax exempt 
association to be known as the Ryan Clan Association, U.S. Sept 
and in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, hereinafter 
referred to as the "Association".

        The Purpose of the Association is to actively promote the 
knowledge of the Ryans in the United States and the discovery 
of our links to Ireland through extinsive genealogical work and 
while doing so to make new contacts and friends with the hope and 
aim of discovering new relatives in both places. Membership is 
open to anyone having an interest in the "Ryan" name.
        As the discovery work is being accomplished, to identify 
those Irish counties in which the Ryans flourished, encourage a 
discovery of the county's history through additional extensive 
research, to promote travel either individually or in groups to 
these areas and to recognize products and services now offered 
and encourage the support of same.

        A.    Officers of the Association shall be the President, 
Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer, and 
Membership, elected from members of the Association.

        B.     Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting, 
take office on day of the meeting and serve for a three year 
period or until new officers are elected. Upon the occurence of 
a vacancy, an interim election shall be held to fill the vacancy 
for the balance of the Association's year.

        1.      The President shall preside at meetings, appoint 
committees, and oversee all Association activities.

        2.      The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the 
President when the president is absent or unable to serve. 

        3.      The Secretary shall keep a record of the 
Association's meetings and business, and report on previous 
meetings. The Secretary will be responsible for any filings with 
any state governmental entity to establish and/or maintain the 
existence of the Association.

        4.      The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary 
in all of the above duties.

        5.      The Treasurer shall collect and disburse funds, 
maintain books covering the Association's financial operations, 
and billing of membership dues. Each quarter and at year-end, 
the Treasurer shall present a report to the membership on the 
financial status of the Association. The Treasurer will be 
responsible for filings with any state governmental entity to 
report the association's fianancial status.

        6.      The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the 
Treasurer in all of the above duties.

        7.      Membership shall be responsible for assisting the 
other officers in co-ordinating the growth of the Association, 
maintaining the list of active members, and establishing 
branches of the Association around the United States.

        8.      Assistant Membership shall assist the Membership 
in all of the above duties.

        A.      Membership is open to anyone having an interest 
in the "Ryan" name.

        B.      Membership dues are as follows:
        Regular Members:        $ 25.00 (U.S.) per year
        Sustaining Members:     $100.00 (U.S.) per year
        Corporate Members:      $150.00 (U.S.) per year
        Benefactor:             Amounts above $250
        Life Member:            Amounts above $1000

        Membership dues are payable annually and due on the 
anniversary date on which a person initially joined. The 
Membership Officer will be responsible for defining benefits of 
each membership category.

        A.      Internet Medium
        Meetings will be held quarterly via the 
Ryan_Clan_Assoc_US mailing list or other convenient electronic 
medium, and announced 30 days in advance;

        B.      "In-Person Meeting"
        The Association will be able to meet at times and places
approved of by the general membership for "in-person" meetings 
(e.g. Annual Ryan Clan get togethers).

        C.      Attendance at Meetings
Attendance at meetings will be voluntary, however, voting on 
matters of interest will be restricted to those in attendance and 
to those holding paid memberships in the Association. Attendance 
and participation by non-members is highly encouraged.

        Members are highly encouraged to form their own local
Association groups with the aim to further the goals in Part II 
above (Purpose) of the national organization. The national 
organization will have the authority to develop guidelines for 
the formation of local organizations and provide as much guidance 
and assistance as possible in order to make local organizations 

        A.      Amendments to this document shall be made in the
following manner:
        -The proposed amendment shall be published at a 
        regularly scheduled meeting;
        -The proposed amendment will be discussed and voted on 
        at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Approval of the
        proposed amendment shall require the affirmative vote of 
        3/4 of the paid membership casting a vote.

        A.      The Association will begin on June 1, 1998 and 
continue until December 31, 1998, and thereafter from year to year 
unless terminated as hereinafter provided.

        B.      Dissolution of the Association. 
        The Association may be dissolved by agreement of a 
majority of the paid members. The President or other Officer 
shall provide notice of the decision to dissolve to all members 
of the Association. Any assets remaining will be distributed on 
a pro-rated basis based on length of membership and accomplished 
not later than sixty (60) days following the date of the agreement 
to dissolve the Association.

X.      FORBIDDEN ACTS -- No Officer Shall 
        A.      have the right or authority to bind or obligate 
the Association to any extent whatsoever with regard to any other 
matter outside the scope of the Association's Purpose; 

        B.      without the majority consent of voting members at 
a regularly scheduled meeting, assign, transfer, or pledge any 
asset of the Association;

        C.      use the Association's name, credit, or property 
for other than the Association's Purpose; 

        D.      do any act detrimental to the interest of the 
Association or which would make it impossible to carry on the 
business or affairs of the Association.



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